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What is a Responsive Website?

responsive web design
A responsive website is one that changes it's look based upon the size of the screen being used by the visitor. For example, responsive websites look very different on a desktop computer compared to a tablet or mobile phone. The entire layout changes to suit the user - this is why Google likes responsive design so much, for the enhanced user experience. All of our websites are responsive, but we can also develop a standalone mobile website for you as well.

Mobile Web Design for Lawyers

We have developed a standalone mobile website layout that has increased leads for several of our clients. The EMC Mobile Web Design for Law Firms is much easier for users on mobile devices to navigate. Our no-nonsense layout gets searchers to the information they want quickly and encourages the user with call to action text and graphics.

Users can quickly and easily get information about your law firm, find office locations, review attorney bios, click to call, click to chat, or fill out a free case evaluation form right from your mobile-friendly website.

Contact EMC Advertising today to discuss a mobile website for your law firm.

Web Design for Law Firms

EMC Advertising is proud to provide it’s law firm clients with the latest technology in website design, including responsive designs that satisfy Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ requirements. Give your law firm every advantage by having a website in a format that Google prefers, to help you gain rankings for web searches in your area(s).

We tie all of this together to form our responsive web design process. The finished product for your website design project might vary, but here’s an idea of what you can expect from us.

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