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Law firm marketing expertise you can trust.

EMC Advertising provides vital information, effective marketing plans and services that have helped law firms run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. Every year we speak with law firms who have hired advertising agencies locally in their TV market with little or no experience in law firm marketing. Many law firms believe that they need a local presence in an advertising agency, this is simply not true. We concentrate on law firm marketing and represent over 70 law firms nationwide. We know what generates results in legal marketing!

EMC Advertising is a full service advertising agency providing Television Commercials for lawyers, Radio Campaigns, Media Buying, Law Firm Web sites, Legal Brochures, Direct Mail, Public Relations and more. We will help your law firm with every aspect of the growth of your practice.

At Executive Marketing Consultants will develop your marketing strategy and television campaign, place your media in the most effective areas of both electronic and print mediums. We will design your web site, newsletters, firm brochures, yellow page advertisements, direct mail pieces and consult with your law firm on hot new areas of law throughout the United States. We will keep you on the leading edge! A consistent and professional look in all of your law firm marketing materials serves as a significant advantage in the growth of your practice.

Call us now at 1-800-555-5485 and ask for Scott Jensen, President of EMC Advertising. We look forward to working with you and know that the marketing program we implement will be lucrative in both the short and long term.

Scott Jensen, founder of EMC Advertising has been helping law firms grow their practices since 1990. For over 30 years we have been generating quality calls and cases in today’s ever increasingly competitive market.

Calls that lead to cases are what law firms expect from us!

Scott F. Jensen


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