Five Marketing Trends for 2020 Law Firms Need to Know

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Legal marketing in 2020 may be tougher as more law firms enter the market and established law firms increase their marketing budgets to become more aggressive in pursuing new clients. Five legal marketing trends that your law firm needs to know for 2020 are the following:

1. High-Quality Written Content

Regardless of the type of marketing strategy you choose, your audience wants high-quality, informative legal content. Quality over quantity is the trend for 2020. When a person searches for a law firm, they are typically searching for answers to legal questions. Content that focuses on “selling” the law firm is passed over for content that answers legal questions.

2.  You Need Videos

Videos are very popular. In many cases, video outperforms written content. Videos allow attorneys to provide quality information while introducing themselves to potential clients. This is a way to personalize your message while reaching individuals who may not want to spend time reading a blog or article to get an answer to their questions.

3.  Television Advertising with Targeting

With advancements in addressable television advertising, including linear addressable TV ads, law firms can reach targeted audiences with highly-effective messages. Law firms tailor their ads to specific households to target specific groups based on the firm’s legal services.

4.  Online Reviews are Highly Valued

Potential clients like to see honest reviews from past clients. In 2020, law firms will prioritize online reviews by creating strategies to encourage clients to review the services they received on various legal and non-legal review sites.

5.  Marketing to Existing Client Base

Many law firms receive a great deal of business from referrals from existing and previous clients. However, many law firms fail to market to their existing client base. Successful marketing strategies in 2020 will include methods for engaging existing and previous clients.

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