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What is a Google Legal Local Service Ad?

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What is a Google Legal Local Service Ad?
What is a Google Legal Local Service Ad?

What is a Google Legal Local Service Ad?

A Local Service Ad (LSA) is an automatic pass to the top of a Google search page. Yes, there is a secret pass to the top of results for a Google search that comes before any other results, including organic search results and pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Why haven’t you heard about these ads? Because Google is still rolling out LSAs for law firms. At this time, LSAs are only available in limited areas; however, Google is expanding the program and your town and legal field may be next.

Why Should I Consider an LSA If It is Available in My Area?

Automatically appearing at the top of a search engine page for targeted keywords is only one of the benefits of using LSAs to market your law firm. However, these ads offer much more than just placement on a Google search page. With LSAs, your law firm also receives:

  • Click-to-call functionality that allows potential clients to contact your law firm directly from the ad. This feature encourages individuals to take immediate action.
  • The LSA leads to another page that provides additional information about the law firm.
  • The “Google Screened” notation in the LSA instills a sense of confidence for the consumer because they know that the law firm has been verified and vetted by Google.
  • Law firms pay a flat fee for each call instead of each click, which means you pay when you generate a lead instead of paying for a click that may not lead to a true lead.

Do You Want More Information about Google Local Service Ads?

If you are interested in exploring LSAs for your law firm, contact EMC Advertising today to speak with a marketing specialist. We can help you determine if your law firm qualifies for this powerful marketing tool and handle the application process with Google.

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