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Audio Advertising — A Great Platform Complementary to TV Ads

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Audio Advertising — A Great Platform Complementary to TV Ads
Audio Advertising — A Great Platform Complementary to TV Ads

According to Nielsen, radio continues to be in high demand across numerous target groups. Radio reaches an estimated 92 percent of adults in the United States each week. In many cases, radio reaches audiences when they are not at home. For example, many people listen to their radios in their vehicles. For law firms, this is an excellent time to reach consumers because they are captive audiences.

Some of the interesting information provided by Nielsen in its 2019 Audio Today Report includes:

  • Radio reaches more adults each week when compared to television, smartphones, computers, tablets, or TV-connected devices.
  • Adults between the ages of 18 and 49 years have the strongest following with 132.4 million listeners each month (98 percent of that population).
  • Country is the most popular format for most age groups, followed by pop contemporary hit radio stations and news/talk radio stations.
  • People are twice as likely to listen to the radio when they are away from home than they are when they are at home. In-home radio listening for a typical week is 31 percent, while away-from-home radio listening for a typical week is 69 percent.
  • Out-of-home weekday work listening has the highest percentage (73 percent) with weekday drive times coming in a close second (71 percent).
  • Smart speaker ownership is increasing, thereby giving listeners additional options for listening to the radio.

Adding Radio to Your Law Firm Advertising Strategy

Radio is time tested. Other forms of technology have not extinguished the popularity of radio. Many radio stations use apps and social media to enhance and complement their programs. Some reasons you may want to consider radio advertising for your law firm include:

  • Local radio stations reach people who live and work in the area your law firms serves.
  • Target specific demographics by using various radio formats and genres.
  • Radio ads allow for flexibility and creativity.
  • Compared to television ads, radio ads are less expensive to produce.
  • Law firms can utilize staff members to record radio ads or hire voice talent.
  • Radio advertising is affordable for high-frequency ads to increase consumer retention.

Should Your Law Firm Use Radio to Advertise Your Services?

Some law firms never consider the benefits of radio advertising. EMC explores all advertising formats, including radio ads, to build a successful marketing strategy for your law firm.

Contact our marketing professionals to discuss how advertising on the radio can increase your business. Our team helps your law firm maximize every advertising dollar spent across a variety of marketing formats.

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