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Law Firm Television Ads Can Reach Potential Clients Away from Home

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Law Firm Television Ads Can Reach Potential Clients Away from Home
Law Firm Television Ads Can Reach Potential Clients Away from Home

Some law firms wonder if the return on investment (ROI) of television advertising is cost-effective. Our marketing team at EMC constantly evaluates the ROI of various advertising mediums to ensure that our clients are maximizing their advertising dollars. A new Nielsen report gives us more information about the preferences and trends for outside of home (OOH) television viewership.

Who is Watching Television Outside the Home?

According to the Nielsen report, females are slightly more likely to view television outside of the home compared to males (55 percent to 45 percent). Female Hispanic viewership OOH is even higher at 75 percent. Also, younger adults watch television outside the home compared to older adults. The average age of an OOH view was 37 years. It is also important to note that the average OOH viewer reported an average income of $55,000 and 42 percent of the views reported having a college or graduate degree.

The places that people choose to view television outside the home was also interesting. Viewing television in another person’s home was the most common location for OOH. Other locations people view television instead of at home include:

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Fitness centers and gyms
  • Work
  • Hotel rooms
  • During transit in motor vehicles
  • Airports

One of the most interesting statistics from the report is the type of direct action OOH viewing led to according to the respondents. Over one-half of the respondents reported that they talked about the product or brand with friends and family. Over one-half of the respondents in most age groups also reported researching online for more information about the product or brand.

Is Television Advertising Right for Your Law Firm?

Television advertising can have a high ROI for some law firms. Developing an advertising strategy for your law firm involves a careful and thorough analysis of target audiences, budget, message, communication media, market research and trends, competitive advertising, and many other factors.

EMC marketing and advertising professionals can help you reach potential clients through effective marketing plans based on your budget, goals, and needs.

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