How Clients Hire Lawyers

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Learning how clients hire lawyers can be extremely helpful when developing a successful marketing campaign. Getting inside the mind of a legal consumer can help you tailor your marketing campaign to appeal to a wider, general audience or target a specific group based on one or more factors. A law firm’s audience and target groups can change based on the type of content being marketed and the types of cases the law firms wish to attract.

Cilo’s 2018 Legal Trends Report gives us some clues to what goes on inside the minds of prospective legal clients.

Overcoming a Potential Client’s Reservation About Hiring a Law Firm

In some cases, a marketing campaign may need to focus on helping an individual overcome some of the reservations the person may have about contacting an attorney or hiring an attorney.

According to Cilo’s research, the top three reasons why clients do not hire a law firm is they do not believe that hiring an attorney will produce sufficient value for the cost. A little over one-third of the respondents stated they did not believe the benefits of hiring a lawyer were worth the cost. Just under one-third of the respondents felt that even though the benefits of hiring an attorney might justify the costs, it still cost too much money to hire a lawyer.

With this information, a law firm might want to focus some of its content on convincing potential clients that the benefits of hiring an attorney outweigh the costs.

Likewise, understanding the reasons for hiring an attorney can help a law firm tailor its content to attract potential clients. The top three reasons for hiring an attorney were uncertainty about whether the person could handle the matter without a lawyer, it was clear a lawyer could be beneficial for the case’s outcome, and the issues were serious enough to hire an attorney. However, consumers also admitted that hiring an attorney was too much trouble or overwhelming. Therefore, some of the content a law firm produces should address a consumer’s hesitancy about hiring an attorney.

Utilizing the Right Platforms for the Target Audience

In addition to focusing on consumers’ beliefs about hiring an attorney, a law firm must also consider how consumers receive their information. For example, most millennials receive their information online. Therefore, they are more likely to ask for referrals or search for a local law firm through a search engine or a social platform. Optimizing your marketing campaign based on the social media platform and the target audience becomes essential for increasing your brand recognition to attract new clients.

Do Lawyers Need to Become Advertising Experts to Be Successful?

No, but they do need to work with an experienced, successful advertising and marketing company that understands how to use various tools to reach consumers searching for legal services. EMC Advertising works with law firms to develop successful marketing strategies and content that is effective based on the specific clients they want to attract.