Law Firm Marketing Today

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How can you stand out in a crowded market of law firms and lawyers? How can you attract top candidates to join your law firm? The answer to both questions is to develop an effective marketing strategy for your law firm, including a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

Law Firm Marketing Has Changed Drastically

A successful law firm marketing strategy connects with consumers, but it also outranks and outperforms competing law firms. Most individuals receive their information through various digital resources, including potential new clients and potential new talent for your law firm. While TV commercials and billboards are components of a marketing strategy, a law firm must have a strong online marketing campaign to compete with other law firms in 2019.

With that goal in mind, EMC Advertising focuses on the top five law firm marketing strategies for 2019 that can help lawyers entice consumers to contact and hire a lawyer while outranking law firms in the area who are competing for those same consumers.

Five Key Strategies for 2019 Include:

  • Expand and improve the law firm’s reputation through online reviews.
  • Claim and optimize all online pages (i.e. Facebook profile, Google My Business listing, Twitter profile, FindLaw, Nolo, Avvo, Best Lawyers, etc.) for local service areas.
  • Report, track, and analyze marketing data from each advertising campaign to maximize your advertising budget and the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
  • Increase effective content marketing that improves organic search engine optimization.
  • Turn the law firm’s website and online platforms into a 24/7 advertisement that focuses on the user experience by creating websites and platforms that are appealing, fast, professional, easy to find, mobile-friendly, and authoritative.

Do You Need Help With Your Marketing Strategy?

The marketers at EMC Advertising are experts in law firm marketing. We create powerful marketing strategies that combine current marketing trends with sound, proven advertising strategies. We focus solely on legal marketing, so we know what generates results.