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How EMC Can Help with JUUL Mass Tort Marketing Opportunity

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How EMC Can Help with JUUL Mass Tort Marketing Opportunity
How EMC Can Help with JUUL Mass Tort Marketing Opportunity

Many law firms nationwide are beginning to target victims who have been injured or sustained damages after using JULL products. JULL vaping devices deliver approximately twice the level of nicotine compared to other vaping devices. Nicotine is an addictive substance that can cause severe physical injuries and illnesses for anyone, but especially for teens and young adults.

Nicotine is known to impair lung development and brain development in young adults and teens. The FDA recognizes the dangers of e-cigarettes to youth. The agency announced the launch of its first e-cigarette prevention television ads in July 2019. The ads are part of its “The Real Cost” Youth E-Cigarette Prevention Campaign.

In addition to the nicotine in e-cigarettes, the liquid used in e-cigarettes can contain other potentially harmful ingredients. E-cigarettes have been known to cause physical injuries from explosions. Numerous lawsuits have already been filed related to JUUL and e-cigarette injuries and illnesses. With the continued evidence presented by government agencies, medical providers, and health care entities, the number of legal actions pursuing personal injury claims is likely to increase.

Does Your Law Firm Handle Mass Tort Matters?

EMC Advertising has developed a series of television commercials that target various matters related to JUUL products and e-cigarette cases. Our TV ads target individuals who may be battling addiction or suffering from the negative consequences of using e-cigarettes, including cases involving strokes, seizures, lung problems, and heart problems. EMC Advertising can customize television ads for your law firm to target the mass tort market for JUUL and other e-cigarette brands.

Our marketing professionals can incorporate television ads into a comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at increasing your exposure as an e-cigarette injury attorney. By taking steps now before other firms decide to get into the mass tort market for JUUL and e-cigarette cases, your law firm can gain a firm foothold in a legal matter that is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of cases being filed nationwide.

Call EMC Advertising at 1-800-555-5485 to get started today developing a strategy that gives your law firm a marketing advantage in the JUUL and e-cigarette cases.

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