Making Your Law Firm’s Website Client Friendly

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Making Your Law Firm’s Website Client Friendly

A great legal marketing plan includes several different marketing tools, such as social media pages, direct advertising, radio/television advertising, and targeted email contact. However, a law firm’s website design plays an important role in attracting new clients and is an essential part of the practice’s marketing plan. In many cases, a firm’s website is the first interaction that a client has with the firm.

Thanks to excellent SEO strategies and comprehensive marketing plans, EMC helps law firms attract potential clients to their website to learn more about the firm’s attorneys and legal services. However, if the law firm’s website design is not user-friendly, an individual may quickly move to the next law firm on the search engine results.

If you are unsure how your law firm’s website appears to clients, let our marketing experts take a look. We provide a detailed analysis of your current website and how we can help you enhance your website so that it is client-friendly and SEO competitive.

Keys to a Client Friendly Website

Some of the important things to remember that can help you create a client-friendly website include:

  • Carry your branding across all platforms. Using the same logs, usernames, colors, and domain names can help project a professional image while making all platforms feel familiar and easy to use.
  • Place information a client would search for on your website. Do not write for other attorneys. Write information that a potential client would find beneficial and useful.
  • Include a picture of the attorneys and a short bio for each attorney. You want potential clients to feel a personal connection with you and your firm. Sharing public service projects and interests can be helpful.
  • Client testimonials can also be helpful. People like to know what other individuals think about your firm and their experience with your firm.
  • Think about the features an individual would find useful when visiting your website. Chat boxes are popular, as are online appointment scheduling.
  • Make sure that your website works with mobile devices. Many people use their mobile devices to access websites. Websites should also be ADA accessible.

EMC creates an overarching online strategy for law firms in order to encourage potential clients to spend time on the law firm’s website and social media websites. This includes the specialties of the graphic and web department. One known fact is the more time a person spends reading content and interacting with the law firm online, the more likely the client is to contact the law firm for an appointment or consultation.

Call EMC Advertising at 1-800-555-5485 to discuss how we can help make your law firm’s website is user-friendly to boost client intake.