Landing Pages 101

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You need the experts in law firm marketing at EMC Advertising to help get those leads to convert into potential clients.

We highly recommend to our law firms they have both a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign and a landing pages, which is a great way to drive potential clients to your website. But simply creating a campaign and a landing page isn’t always enough. You need the experts in law firm marketing at EMC Advertising to help get those leads to convert into potential clients.

Why do landing pages even exist?

A landing page is a digital space that needs to have an eye-catching design and well-written content relevant to your topic. You want visitors to react and take action, without overloading them with information. Landing pages achieve both the design and content aspects Google looks for in regard to a successful campaign.

How do I fix my non-converting landing page?

Fixing a stagnant landing page where visitors are not taking action can easily be fixed using these three (3) helpful hints.

1. Page Clutter

Most landing pages simply try to say too much and end up confusing your visitors.  We recommend landing pages to have no more than 1,000 words as well as 2-3 graphics pertaining to the topic. Don’t give your visitors too much information to digest before having them make a decision to contact you. Remember, you want your visitors to have questions, so you are able to answer them personally, rather than through a website, as this builds attorney/client trust.

2. Call To Action (CTA)

A call to action can come in many forms, whether it be a chat now icon, a call now button, or a simple contact form. Your CTA should be above the fold (the point where the user has to scroll on their computer/device) and should be the most visible item on your landing page. You would be surprised how many landing pages we see with no CTA at all, or at the bottom of the page.

3. Updates

Would you expect a potential client to take your firm seriously with outdated content? You need your landing pages to contain current information, up-to-date graphics, and the correct contact information. In most cases, this is the only page a potential client will see, so having the most current information at their fingertips ensures the client will contact you.

If your firm is looking for the best in legal marketing, look no further than EMC Advertising. For over 25 years, we have successfully generated millions of calls for law firms. Contact EMC today!



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