Five Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy is Not Working

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Let us develop a marketing strategy that utilizes the best tools and resources to increase your law firm’s online presence

Are you wondering why your law firm’s website or social media pages are not ranking higher in Google searches? Have you researched SEO techniques and incorporated them into your website and social media pages, but nothing seems to be improving your ranking? There could be one or more problems with your SEO strategy that is holding you back.

Five of the common reasons an SEO strategy is not working are:

1.  Your content is not good.

SEO does not work if your content is of poor quality. Content should be engaging, informative, and have just the right mix of keywords and phrases to make Google happy without making it angry. Keyword stuffing is only one problem. If your content is poorly written or does not have content that is closely related to your keywords, even the best SEO strategy may fall flat.

You must have a good mix of hyperlinks and backlinks within your content. However, you must be cautious. Google knows if you spend money purchasing backlinks and it could penalize your site for doing so.

3.  Your bounce rate is high.

If consumers are leaving your website after a few seconds or after reading one page, your bounce rate might be high. You can check your Google Analytics to monitor your bounce rate for your law firm website. If the bounce rate is high, you need better content and may need to think about redesigning your layout.

4.  You are not utilizing social media.

Social media is a highly effective tool that can draw consumers to your website. Hook them through an interesting social media post and lead them back to your website for more information. Google also monitors your social media popularity as a way to gauge your law firm’s website.

5.  Outdated SEO strategy.

SEO strategies can change quickly. If you are utilizing an outdated SEO strategy and you are not taking advantage of Local SEO strategies, your law firm’s website could be in trouble.

Let EMC Marketing Handle SEO for Your Law Firm

Our marketing specialists understand SEO strategies and how to use them effectively for your law firm. Let us develop a marketing strategy that utilizes the best tools and resources to increase your law firm’s online presence.