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How To Find Time for Marketing

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Trouble finding time to properly market your law firm? Hindered by having to constantly research the latest and greatest internet trends? Time can be one of the most important assets for any attorney or law firm office manager. Knowing how to manage daily marketing needs while serving clients, maintaining continuing education, managing administrative responsibilities and meeting billable hourly requirements can often be overwhelming. But have no fear, EMC is here!

Growing a successful practice is not just about completing a few marketing strategies on a to-do list. But rather, it is a way of doing business.

Here are some of our tips to getting the most out of your precious marketing time:


  • What is your brand? Knowing your brand, and having a consistent brand message through-out marketing materials is a must. You want clients to resonate with that brand, always remembering your firm.
  • Commitment to your vision. To reach a destination, you must start at the beginning. When starting your marketing journey, keep these questions in mind.
    • Where is my brand today?
    • Where do I want my brand to be in the next 2-5 years?
    • Who are my firms’ target clients?
    • What services does my firm provide?
    • What is working and what isn’t? This will give you a clear understanding of where to start. 


  • Create an Action Plan. Conduct monthly activities to reinforce your brand both in the community and in your website. This shows your value to the community.


  • Showcase your brand. Now that you know your brand, make sure than brand is communicated properly, whether in your website, printed materials, or PPC ads.

We know that you may not have the time needed to successfully manage your brand. Let the experts at EMC assist you with your law firm marketing needs. Our staff are experts in everything web-related, such as Google, Web Design & Development, and how to get your campaign take flight. Contact us today to get started. There’s no better time than the present.

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