Top 5 Facts On Why Your Firm Should Be On Social Media

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For some lawyers, especially litigators, social media is a tool that helps them provide better representation to their clients.

Social media has changed the way we communicate, research, and ask for advice. It helps everyone connect on a more personal level, and now social media is increasingly relevant in the attorney/client relationship.

For some lawyers, especially litigators, social media is a tool that helps them provide better representation to their clients. Whether it’s mining social media for evidence or researching jurors online, social media is helping them to make their clients’ cases in court.

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Tip #1 – Networking

Attorneys are also using social media for networking, and business development. According to the ABA Legal Technology survey report, more lawyers are using sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus daily.

According to the survey:

  • 85% of law firms have a website
  • 76% of law firms now maintain an online presence

Now compare this to the 55% who had an online presence back in 2012, and you can see how social media is embedded into our daily lives.

Tip #2 – Career Development

Lawyers report that they interact online for a variety of reasons, with career development and networking leading the way (71%), followed by client development (48%), education and current awareness (45%), and case investigation (24%).

Tip #3 – Ranking

When it comes to the specific social media sites, these sites rank among the most popular for law firms and attorneys nationwide:

  • A staggering 57% have a presence on this networking site.
  • 35% of firms have a Facebook page and update it often.
  • 21% tweet current events and news for their firm.
  • Google Plus. Nearly 10% of all firms utilize Google Plus.

Tip #4 – Advertising

Social media is an advertising platform. Posting a Facebook ad, or tweeting about a current community event can convince those potential clients that your firm is active in the community, and cares about protecting victims from accidents, scams, malpractice, and much more. The average attorney spends 1.6 hours per week online, and potential clients spend even more researching the right attorney. The odds of connecting are greatly enhanced using social media.

Tip #5 – Client Retention

But are their efforts paying off? 24% of lawyers report that they’ve been retained by a client because of their efforts, so all signs point to social media being an effective marketing tool for firms, attorneys, and paralegals nationwide.

Social media has been part of our daily lives for almost a decade. At first, many attorneys and law firms were skeptical, believing that social media offered little value to their practices; and was merely a trend.  But over the years, as social media has embedded itself into our culture, the effects of social media in our daily lives are undeniable. Social media impacts both our personal and professional lives, a fact that many law firms are accepting.

Social Media Experts

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