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Using Facebook Wisely to Promote Your Law Firm

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Facebook is a powerful social media platform that has approximately 2.38 million users as of the first quarter of 2019. However, Facebook has also become a powerful advertising and networking tool for individuals and businesses, including law firms. As users keep up with friends and family members, they also learn about new products, read news stories, and search for local businesses in their area. Law firms throughout the country are taking advantage of the ability to market and promote their law firm through Facebook.

Creating and Maintaining a Facebook Law Firm Profile Is Different from Your Personal Profile

Most law firms quickly identify their target audience on Facebook — potential clients and referral sources. Networking with colleagues who is a third target audience for many law firms. However, attracting new clients and interacting with current clients are the primary reasons many lawyers create Facebook accounts for their law firms.

Attorneys and law firms must be cautious when developing their Facebook profiles. Facebook is a social network platform, even though the platform has become a popular marketing and advertising tool for many companies. A law firm must create content that embraces the fact that the platform remains a social network while using the law firm’s Facebook page to attract new business.

The question becomes, “How can a law firm use Facebook effectively to gain new clients without offending current “friends” or people who “like” their page?”

Facebook Posting Tips for Law Firms

What you post on your law firm’s Facebook page should encourage users to read your posts and learn more about your law firm, services, and attorneys. Below are three specific types of Facebook posts that can help your law firm attract followers for your page.

  • Personal Posts

Because Facebook is a social network, people reading your posts and following your links may be more interested in personal stories and information about the law firm and its attorneys. Therefore, many of the posts should be friendly and personable. These posts should not be an ad for the law firm. People who follow the law firm want to know about what is going on with the attorneys and staff members, not read ads for the firm. Attending court, researching an important legal matter, speaking at a seminar, the first day of school for children, promotions, and major life events can be used to make a connection with your audience.

  • Current Events and Local Information

Mix in posts that relate to current events, humorous stories, and local information that would be of interest to Facebook users. You can use these posts to link to information about local festivals, holiday events, and news items. Remember, you usually want to stay away from controversial issues to avoid offending anyone or creating an angry debate in your comment section.

  • Legal Information

You do want to provide helpful information to your users regarding legal services. Law-related posts can range from links to your current blog posts, recent case results, changes in laws, links to legal resources, and other information that is helpful for anyone searching for an answer to a legal question.

Using Facebook Ads

Another way law firms can use Facebook as a marketing tool is to use Facebook ads. Although you are paying to advertise on Facebook, your ads are targeted to a specific audience based on numerous factors, including age, interests, geographic location, gender, etc. By narrowing the target audience, some law firms may receive better results compared to using advertising methods designed to reach thousands of people in hopes of attracting a few clients.

Get Help with Facebook Advertising for Law Firms

Balancing personal and professional Facebook posts for a law firm can be difficult. Using Facebook as a successful marketing tool can require a substantial amount of time, research, and knowledge. Many lawyers do not have the time necessary to learn about Facebook marketing. Their time is better spent focusing on cases and clients. Hiring an experienced marketing firm to handle their Facebook account and other marketing strategies can produce great results while allowing the attorneys in the law firm to do what they do best – win cases.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of using Facebook for your law firm, contact EMC. Our advertising team understands how to use Facebook as an effective marketing tool for your law firm. We can design a Facebook profile and develop content for your page that targets specific audiences to increase your online presence. With the right Facebook profile, your law firm can attract new clients and network with potential sources of referrals with a cost-effective, successful marketing format.

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