Spring Cleaning in January: Updating Your Firms Website

Avoid website content clutter.
Neglecting your law firm’s website holds you back from growing your company.

Who needs to wait for spring to start cleaning? With the new year already here, it’s time to freshen up your law firm’s website with EMC Advertising. When people view your website it’s a reflection of your law firm, so let’s make the first impression count. Below are just a few updates that we feel will give your website the fresh new look it needs.

  • Website Design. Having a professional layout, legible text, and a fast-loading website sets the tone for your readers. It gives the impression that your firm is up to date and cares about how their information gets to those who need it.
  • Adding Fresh Content. The content you provide gives your firm the opportunity to achieve higher rankings. Higher rankings can lead to more traffic. Every time you make an update to your website, the search engine recognizes the new activity and re-arranges your site’s ranking. Frequently updating your website with articles, blogs, and testimonials will increase the traffic and help your firm to rank higher.
  • Update Your Law Firm’s Bio Page & Photos. Make sure to update your law firm’s “About Us” and “Bio” pages. Especially, if you have any change of personnel in your office. Update your attorney bio photos as well as all your current staff. Clients like to see the faces of those they will be doing business with. By keeping an updated photo on your website, your clients will know who exactly is handling their case or who they need to speak with.
  • A Mobile-Friendly Website. With the amount of time people spend on their smartphones, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website. Make sure that your website has a responsive design, making it very easy and pleasing to the eye on a mobile device. Unappealing website layouts or slow uploading speed could turn off your potential clients.

Neglecting your law firm’s website holds you back from growing your company. Making such changes as the above could help to bring your law firm the increase in sales it needs. At EMC Advertising we not only specialize in TV marketing but we are able to execute professional, original, and eye-catching websites that are sure to set the tone for your law firm. Give us a call today to see what new look we can create for your law firm.


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