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Successful Campaigns Include More Than Just Television

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When it comes to advertising, most think TV is the best way to go. However, if you want to broaden your reach – you need to utilize additional options. EMC Advertising is known for creating exquisite quality when it comes to television ads but we don’t just stop there! Below are our other advertising options that bring continued success to our clients.

  • Direct Mail Campaigns. People receive mail on a daily basis so why not send your campaign directly to them? Having a well-executed mail campaign such as a brochure or a flyer will definitely catch the attention of those and make a statement for your law firm.
  • Holiday Calendars, Postcards & Mailers. Sending holiday wishes to your clients is a great gesture. It can help to keep your name in mind when they or someone they know are in need of a great law firm. Sending a holiday greeting card with a calendar magnet is sure to leave an impression.
  • Billboard Designs. Creating an eye catching billboard that also delivers proper information creates an almost photographic memory of your law firm for bypass drivers. It’s a daily reminder of your law firm and how to contact you.
  • PPC Campaigns. PPC, standing for pay-per-click, is a great way to attract your audience. It will enable them to interact with your website. This helps to ensure that your audience is getting to your website. The more views the more potential clients you could have.
  • Facebook Advertising. Having a good presence on Facebook can help your business to grow and reach many people. But advertising on Facebook is another great way to engage with your audience. It leads your audience to your Facebook page and from there they can learn about your website, how to contact you and any of the latest news your law firm has posted.

By offering a range of campaigns – both traditional and digital – we are determined to make your marketing campaigns succeed. For the past 25 years, EMC has been creating quality and original marketing materials for our clients. If you’re looking for an agency that can help your firm grow and reach your goals in 2017, put your trust in us. Give EMC Advertising a call today!

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