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A New Google AdWords Feature That Your Firm Needs

Posted by: In: Blog 13 Jan 2017 Comments: 0 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Sending a text message is something that most people favor over a placing a phone call or sending an email because it’s fast and easy. Well, Google will finally launch a “text message” feature in AdWords among the many other options available to advertisers. So the question is… “How could this new feature impact your law firms PPC”? First, let’s discuss what this feature has to offer.

This message feature enables users who are using Google to search for businesses and services, such as a law firm, to simply “click to message” the recipient from their personal mobile phone. Once the user selects the text icon feature this will then launch the SMS application onto the user’s cell phone and allow them to send a quick message to your business. This will save time for both parties and creates an entirely new way of engaging and connecting with your potential clients.

Not only will this feature open your range of users in your PPC adverts, it will increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of ads, increase Quality Score, lower your CPC (Cost Per Click), increase visibility and increase conversion. Positive results on all boards!

Law Firms who choose this feature are sure to start new relationships with prospective clients. It’s a quick option with a faster response which many users will enjoy over another method of communication. Luckily, our web department is very skilled in design, PPC, CTR, CPC and knowledgeable on all features that Google AdWords has to offer. If your law firm needs a reliable and effective team to make your website appealing and produce results, contact EMC Advertising. Our staff is committed to achieving the results you want. Call us today!

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