The Do’s & Don’ts of Direct Mail Marketing

Pile of mail lies next to old documents.
Taking the direct mail approach can be very effective if you properly examine and execute your campaign.

Another beneficial marketing tool is running a direct mail campaign. Even though the digital marketing world has grown immensely, there are people who still prefer receiving physical information. If you’re going to use direct mail in your marketing strategy, you have to do it correctly.  EMC Advertising has put together a shortlist of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to direct mail campaigns.

Let’s start with some of the Dos:

Creating a Great Design

In order to send out direct mail, you must have a design ready. A powerful photo can help your viewer understand what you are marketing. For example, if you are an auto accident attorney looking to attract auto accident victims, you may want to include a photo of an accident. A well-executed design sets the impression of your law firm and what you have to offer.

Research and Test the Market

When it comes to actually send off your campaign you need to make sure you are reaching the correct demographic. Without trial and error you could end up sending your campaign to the wrong people and your campaign will likely end up in the trash.

Include a Great Call to Action

In this campaign, you should make sure to include any and all information that you feel in crucial to the audience you are trying to attract. Your call to action should be obvious yet captivate your audience.

Now some of the Don’ts:

Failing to Proofread

The quickest way for your direct mail piece to end up in the trash is by typos, bad formatting, and poor quality. More than one person should proofread your piece prior to the launch date. By doing so, you can avoid such small mistakes that could have led to a potential client.

Forgetting to Personalize

You should always research and know what demographic best suits which campaign. If one market has a higher rate of auto accidents than nursing home accidents then you should run an auto campaign. By just sending it out to whomever, it lessens the chance of your piece ending in the right hands.

Once and Done

Remember that this can take some time. It will involve sending out your campaign several times, that reminds your audience that you are there for them. Just like television ads, you have to stay present in order to stand out.

Taking the direct mail approach can be very effective if you properly examine and execute your campaign. The above information is just scratching the surface on how to create successful direct mailings. If your law firm is looking to add this marketing tool to your advertising plan, let EMC Advertising get you started. We are experts in designing effective direct mail campaigns.  Give us a call today to discuss your law firm’s marketing needs!


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