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How to Create a Memorable Billboard Design

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 In our ever growing digital and technology filled world, the billboard still proves to be a valuable and viable marketing tool.  It represents a physical marker that thousands of people see daily. If designed properly, it will lead to more calls, more cases and more potential clients. EMC Advertising has designed numerous successful billboards by utilizing the below steps when designing a captivating billboard.

  • Less is More. Any overly wordy billboard is sure to be missed by a driver who is going 70 miles per hour on the highway. That is why you should keep it simple. Keep you phrases simple and to the point. Ask yourself, “is it clear?” “Is it easy to read near or far?” And most importantly, “Is it easy to remember?”
  • Leave an Impression. Your image design should be visually captivating. It should be chosen carefully as this will represent your law firm. Such visuals could be what type of practice areas you are advertising for or the attorney(s) you want your audience to remember.
  • State Your Call-to-Action. There are many ways to do this, such as having a clever slogan, creating suspense or curiosity. By doing so, you are enticing your audience to find out more about your law firm. Your law firm could simply request that people follow on social media, visit the website or make a call to your office.
  • Consistency is Key. Don’t look at the billboard as a clean slate to add a different view to your marketing plan. You should make sure that your billboard fits in your overall marketing image. It should match your other advertising tools such as direct mail marketing, online marketing and television marketing. By creating a relation to your company logo or brand can also help to keep the constancy.

Even with the growth of online marketing, billboards are not extinct. As long as people continue driving on public roads or highways, billboards will always be a valuable marketing tool. If you are looking to add another successful element to your marketing needs, contact EMC Advertising. We would love to get your Billboard ad started today!

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