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2016’s Top 10 Web Design Trends

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Trends in Web Design constantly change. Let’s look back at what 2016 had to offer in our top 10 web design trends.

  1. Microinterations. Microinterations is what occurs between bigger interactions, such as a sound effect is placed when someone likes a photo. This is critical in completing an immersive design but is not a distraction for the user.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Having an A.I. chat bot can help by reducing complicated menus. These chat bot’s can be programmed to make the experience easier for the user and it makes the conversation feel natural.
  3. Hover Animations. Most users will hover their curser over an icon in a menu bar if they are uncertain about its functions. Having this feature gives feedback to the user. In return it makes the website experience much more seamless and more immersive.
  4. In-House Imagery. Saying “Good Bye” to the stock photos for more in house creativity was a top priority in 2016. Valuing personalization in company websites helps to reinforce company brand. This also helps to stand out amongst competitors.
  5. Cards. An easy way for information to be understood is by utilizing cards. Valuable information can be placed into a single container that needs no explanation for the user. Having a clickable card allows easier navigation on the website.
  6. Full Screen Forms. Going big with full screen forms for such functions as “Signups” and “Logins” was a big part of 2016. Having a larger screen has its benefits such as having more room for touchscreen interactions and will encourage users to complete the signup forms on tablets and smartphones.
  7. Eye Catching Calligraphy. Artistic fonts were very popular, giving freedom to customize fonts helps to personalize and brand the website.
  8. Realistic Mock-Ups. Using real data in design mock-ups lead strong this past year. This helped to bring problems to the designer early on, creating a faster reaction to fixing any function problem areas.
  9. Duotone Imagery. Using this old gray-scale technique creates appealing imagery that is minimalistic. This adds visual stimulation without distracting the viewer from the content. This will help for a clean and consistent looking webpage.
  10. 1980’s Color and Vibe. Bright color combinations and designs have captured viewers attentions. Using such features as bold colors that stand out and vivid imagery give an exciting vibe and makes a website stand out.

Reflecting on 2016 and its ambitious designs, EMC Advertising can say that we always look to be innovative and up to date on our designs. Wither that is a law firm’s web site, brochure, direct mail campaign or television commercial we are dedicated to making sure our clients are not running on out dated formats or running over exhausted commercial spots. Contact EMC Advertising, an agency you can trust to give your law firm results!

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