Essential Ingredients to a Great Legal Website

Healthy sandwich meal on cutting board.
Making a website is like making a sandwich; if the ingredients are lacking, you’re likely to lose a client.

The sole purpose of having a website is to have your users stay and explore your brand. You want them to be engaged and gain knowledge of your firm which could eventually convert them into a client. But if your website is lacking luster, chances are that the user will not become a new client. Making a website is like making a sandwich; if the ingredients are lacking, you’re likely to lose a client. Here are EMC’s special ingredients for creating a great legal website.

The Bread: Having a Responsive Design

High chances are that someone who is going to search your website will do so on their mobile device. The fact is, that most people who find out that you do not have a responsive website lose interest and faith in doing business with you.

The Mayonnaise: Your Firm’s SEO

Your SEO content is the main way to lure users to your web page. Knowing the right keywords and language for your targeted audience is crucial. Don’t drift away by overseeing your SEO.

The Lettuce: Your Client Testimonials

You know your firm produces good work so asking your clients to leave a review helps to set it in stone. Whether it be a written testimonial or a video, it will only help build the trust between the law firm and the potential client.

The Tomato: Showcase Your Brand

Competition is high and you need to stand out. Make sure you have a clear Call-to-Action and that your website represents your firm. Having updated attorney personalized profiles helps your viewer put a name to a face and get to know who they will be doing business with.  Having a user-friendly and visually stimulating website helps to build your brand and keep your viewers interest.

The Meat: Stay Active in Blogging

Having an active blog gives your firm another opportunity to showcase your knowledge. But don’t forget that you are talking mainly about day-to-day people, not other lawyers. Keep it light and informative. Being relatable with knowledgeable information is something people will appreciate.

So the real question here is, does your law firm carry the essential ingredients to a great legal website? If your firm is missing one or all of the ingredients above no need to worry. EMC Advertising specializes in beautifully designed and user-friendly websites and we can help create your brand too. Give us a call today to discuss how we can bring to life your firm’s website!


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