5 Musts When Developing Your Online Presence

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Without an online presence, your website will foresee no traffic and could put a damper in your overall potential client intake.

Having an online presence is just one of the many key factors in your firm’s marketing strategy. Without an online presence, your website will foresee no traffic and could put a damper in your overall potential client intake. Below, EMC Advertising has created the five musts when developing your online presence.

Have a Solid Foundation for Your Brand

Your bio page or “About Me” section is typically the first stop when potential clients visit your website. Your visitors want to see with whom they will work and seek creditable information about your attorneys. Each lawyer should have a profile photo and a brief bio about their background including previous work experience, legal credentials, and any links to publications.

Publish Good Content

If done right, having an active blog where your firm publishes articles with helpful information about your practice area is a great marketing tool. Your firm should avoid using too many legal terms which your visitors may not understand. Consider writing more about current events with scenarios that can affect people instead of offering legal advice.

Utilize Social Media

Create an account on both Twitter and Facebook. By using these media outlets you can share your blogs, events happening in your office, and other content. Make sure to include your contact information such as your address, contact number, and office hours. Plus the more active you are on social media your firm is able to build its following which will increase interaction with your website.

Make an Effortless Way for People to Contact You

By having a clear Call-to-Action you provide your visitors a reason to contact your firm. Having a live chat feature on your website creates an immediate response for your visitors and allows very little time to be wasted. This shows that your firm is available anytime and gives your potential clients peace at mind that their questions will be answered.

Track Your Website Traffic

In order to truly know if your efforts are paying off would be to pull reports of the number of visitors, your website has had each week or month. Once you receive these results examine what is working and what needs improvement. This will help your firm stay ahead of the game and become more successful.

For most, this is easier said than done. However, EMC Advertising has a strong and knowledgeable team that will ensure your firm’s online presence ranks where it belongs. If your firm needs a boost in its online presence let Executive Marketing Consultants get the wheels turning to bring your firm the success it deserves! Give us a call today.


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