How to Prepare for Your Law Firm’s Production Shoot

Man on a business suit.
Having a cleaned and pressed suit not only makes you look good on set but makes you feel good.

It’s not every day that you go to film sets and shoot your commercials and even so it’s good to be prepared for your law firm’s upcoming production shoot. After all, this is the first impression you will be giving your television audience. Luckily, EMC Advertising knows a thing or two about production shoots because we do them here, in our studio! We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips when preparing for your firm’s next shoot.

Book your Flight & Hotel

Always book your flight and hotel as soon as you have confirmed a production date. Contact your advertising agency to get the best hotel recommendations and any other useful tips while visiting.

Review your Scripts

Before your scheduled production shoot, familiarize yourself with the scripts to better prepare for the best possible takes. This can also help decrease any nerves because you already have an idea on what to prepare for.

Have your Best Suit Cleaned & Pressed

Having a cleaned and pressed suit not only makes you look good on set but makes you feel good. If you are worried about your suit becoming wrinkled on your trip, contact your hotel to see if they dry clean or look into shipping it to a dry cleaners located close to your hotel or production shoot location.

Know your Schedule

Keep track of your arrival time, script lengths, set changes and any other factors that could be involved on set. Knowing your schedule brings you less confusion and moves the shoots along smoothly.

Get Plenty of Rest

Nothing is worse than waking up tired and restless. Make sure to give yourself enough rest time so that you are refreshed and ready for your day. You want your commercials to convey who you are and looking tired may not convey the message you want.

Finding the right agency is also key in preparing for a production shoot. You want to find an agency that puts you and your firm first while creating a welcoming and non-stressful day of shooting. Here at EMC we strive to give not just the best quality commercials but the best hospitality. Give us a call today to see when we can schedule your next production shoot! Let us take care of you and we will produce effective commercials for your firm.


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