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Does TV Advertising Still Work for Attorneys? Of Course!

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According to The Nielsen Company, there were approximately 120 million TV homes in America between 2015 and 2016. Needless to say, with such a high volume of television owners, it would be a poor decision to not market on television. Having a 15 or 30 second ad running helps your potential client know your firm is out there and helps to promote your brand. At EMC we have had the pleasure of creating original and creative advertisements that work for our clients in their desired markets. Here is how EMC will help your television campaigns bring success to your law firm.

Quality vs Quantity. EMC takes pride in the quality of work we produce. Providing a client with high quality ads is what we believe in. We want to help showcase your law firm the way it should. We not only help to deliver your message clearly but present it in a clean and eye catching way with simulating visuals.

We Know Our Markets. Our media department is very knowledgeable on all markets nationwide. We make sure to have an understanding of your targeted audience and determine what market and stations will best assist your law firm’s ads.

Original Scripts. By keeping creative original we are able to stay relevant with the today’s world. We don’t over exhaust scripts. We write our scripts based on your desired audience and make sure we meet all state bar rules.

Run Daily, Weekly and Even Monthly Reports. We provide service after the sale, ALWAYS! We want your campaign to succeed. So we make it a priority to check on your campaigns and analyze the data to make appropriate changes.

BONUS: No Hassel, All In House Service. We film on site in our 40,000 sq. ft. studio warehouse. We have a dedicated crew and book all needed talent. We don’t want our clients to have to worry about anything and know that we will take care of them.

Our agency has made thousands of successful television ads from Auto Accidents, Mass Tort, Nursing Home Abuse, Personal Injury and many more. Take a look at your current campaign, if its lacking luster or you’re not on the air at all, give EMC Advertising a call. We will discuss how we can create your television ad and how we can get it on air for you. Trust in EMC for all your advertising needs!


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