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Responsive Personalization: Smartphones and Tablets Edition

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The increase in smartphone and tablet usage is at its peak. We have seen a large range of tablets and smartphones to include various screen sizes and device capability; so it is crucial that your law firm’s website design show cases its personalization and functionality on a smartphone or tablet as it would on a PC. However, executing a seamless mobile option takes knowledge and expertise. Here are few tips EMC Advertising feels will help with Responsive Personalization for smartphones and tablets.

  • You must understand the capabilities of your user’s gadgets. In order to fully personalize the experience for the user, you need to have knowledge of what’s out there and how they function.
  • Network Connection is key. Connection speed using GPRS or Wi-Fi, can give the user a different experience. So depending on the connection speed, modifications on certain functions such as the size and flow of the information may be needed.
  • Interaction through voice commands. Not only should the user be stimulated by eye catching imagery but a voice command function adds more to the experience. For most, this function is used in day-to-day activities on their personal devices. It’s a no brainer to add this function.
  • Create a seamless experience between device interactions. Most users will start exploring online using their smartphone. They eventually could continue their exploration on their laptop or tablet. You need to create a seamless transition from one device to another. Any interruptions could drive your potential client to a more user friendly site.
  • Always be ready for change. Smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, laptops and smart TVs are sure to develop more capabilities over time. Staying on top of updated technology will benefit your firm in creating a pleasant experience for your users.

Creating a mobile friendly experience of your law firm’s website should include the above but this only scratching the surface. Design and execution take time which is why it should be handled by an experienced agency. Take a look at your current mobile option. Does it lack personalization such as voice command? Is the layout out dated? Are you creating a seamless interaction for your users? If you would like EMC to review your current mobile site status, give us a call today. We are sure to make your mobile site user friendly and effective. Call EMC Advertising today!

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