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How Your Law Firm Can Market During the Holidays

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The holidays are a time to give thanks and send warm wishes. What better time than to send your current, past or future clients a simple, yet warm wish this holiday season than with a greeting card. You should consider a holiday greeting to add to other campaigns you have running this year. Here are some of the holiday options EMC Advertising has to offer this season.

Send a Company Holiday Card

A holiday card is a great way to give thanks and send wonderful wishes to your clients. There are multiple options of layouts and sizes to choose from. A few simple words and a photo of your staff is just one of the many options that can deliver a happy message.

Send a Beautiful Company Magnet or Magnet Calendar

A magnet is not only thoughtful but useful. By creating a captivating magnet your client will surely keep it in sight. There are multiple options from the sizing to the shape as well as adding the New Year calendar. Something as eye catching as a magnet will remind your client to contact your firm if ever in need of your services.

Send a Company Holiday Greeting by Email

A fast but thoughtful holiday greeting is to send an email. You can still achieve the same beauty and kind words through email that your client is sure to appreciate. You can also personalize your emails which will leave a great impression. You can include such images as your staff or a creative holiday image to go with your personal message.

Some may argue that sending out such direct mail is not worth investing in. However, by simply sending any of the above to a current, past or future clients it will help develop and strengthen your relationships. If you are looking to send company holiday cards, magnets or an email greeting you can trust EMC Advertising to create and execute the best quality. Don’t wait, call us today!


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