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How Your Firm Can Bounce Back from Negative Comments Online

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Thanks to Yelp, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, your firm can be rated and reviewed for others to see. But sometimes your review can be negative and could hold back your firm from it’s potential. A few areas to look at are your firm’s call-to-action, the company website, all the social media accounts, and current running television ads. Your firm should review those areas and act fast on making the proper changes to keep your firm clear of those unwanted negative comments. Here are EMC’s top 5 areas that could get you negative reviews if not made a priority.

Make sure your “Call to Action” Is clear. If a user is not sure what your services are or how important they are to your company chances are they will seek someone else.

Have an Updated Website. Make sure all your content is up to date. This includes employee profiles, the services you provide and that your overall layout is fresh and mobile friendly.

Frequently Post Blogs. People like to relate to people. Using a blog for more knowledge but minus the “attorney lingo” allows your potential client to get to know your firm and helps to build a relationship.

Be Active on Social media. These days’ people connect mainly on social media networks. So what better way than to brand your company than by reaching out to your audience directly? Sharing your blogs here is another bonus because it draws viewers to your website.

Make Sure Your Creative is Fresh and Visually Stimulating. Some feel that in order to brand your company you should run the same commercials again and again. But on the contrary, it’s actually hurting your firm. It becomes white noise and your viewers loose interest. Having new creative on the screen draws viewers attention. We recommend a new television commercial every 6 months.

How would you scale your law firm’s negative to positive feedback? If your firm feels that it is lacking positive comments then call EMC Advertising today! We can review your current advertising and help you make the proper chances to your company’s success. We strive in producing top notch commercials and websites. Let’s get your firm the results it deserves, call EMC Advertising.

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