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Website Mistakes that Could Cost Your Law Firm

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Creating a beautiful website is just a small portion to having a successful website. Having a website that benefits your firm takes hard work and constant supervision.  EMC has complied 5 website mistakes that most law firms commit. These mistakes will cost your firm from meeting the full potential of success it deserves.

Know your website. We don’t just mean know what’s on it but know what is happening on your site. This is crucial because it is where you will find why people are doing what. By knowing this you are able to make the necessary changes that will make a tremendous difference.

Run split tests. By running split tests you are essentially confirming any suspicious issues with your site.

Your Prospect List. Tending to and growing your prospect list is the life line to your law firms business. Keep a list of those who have emailed your firm either personally or through an automated email box on your site. By not paying close and constant attention could be hurtful to your firms marketing strategy.

Consistently follow up. Emailing helpful and useful follow ups creates a foundation for your firm. This will in return benefit when your client is in need of your services.

Direct your AdWords to specific pages. Create landing pages for each AdWords campaign. This will prevent the endless search by your prospects. If you want your ad’s to be seen, get it in front of them.

When is the last time your firm fully examined your website? At EMC Advertising we make sure to create a well-designed website and constantly tend it. Our goal is to not only design an attractive website but to execute an interactive experience for your prospects. This includes constant site overview and being quick to making needed adjustments. We believe the above are crucial when it comes to having a successful website. Don’t make those mistakes, call EMC today and we will make sure your firms website is a true success!

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