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Top 5 Essentials for Effective Law Firm TV Commercials

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Today’s networks allow just about anyone to be able to skip commercials or fast-forward through them. This makes it incredibly difficult to catch the viewers’ attention. But that doesn’t mean TV should no longer be a part of your marketing campaign. It simply means that your firm should be looking more strategically on how to stand out among the vast sea of other commercials.

Here are EMC Advertising’s top five (5) essentials to ensuring your law firm has effective TV commercials.

  1. Create a Unique Script

    Remember you only have a limited time frame to capture the attention of your audience. You should make sure that you get your message across quickly yet effectively. Giving examples of what you’re advertising for and clearly addressing how your audience can contact you is not as simple as it may sound. A great script will help you to manage grabbing your audience attention and giving them the information they need.

  2. Consider Putting People in Your Commercial

    We can all agree that people relate to other people. By putting people such as actors, a spokesperson or an attorney will help to draw your target audience. Instead of displaying just images such as your building interior or exterior, display the face of the person or people in your ad. It helps to engage the viewer when they can put a face to a voice.

  3. Hire a Production Company

    In order to get professional commercials you should always hire a production company. By doing so they will handle all aspects of your ad including the script, shooting, and editing. But beware that you get what you pay for. You should always request to view previous work by this company to make sure they are able to execute your ad in the best and up most quality.

  4. Plan Your Shots

    All your shots should be figured out prior to your shoot. You should have a clear idea of what type of commercial you want to have produced. Whether that is a green screen that has text or something outdoors. You should also make sure that the production company you have booked with can meet all your shot needs.

  5. Include Your Call to Action

    Your call to action is important for your audience. It’s what gets them to contact you. You want to express the urgency of your services and how they can reach you. You can do so by including such information as a web site address, contact number or office location.

We know how overwhelming this process can be for law firms. That’s why we want to ensure that you can trust us when taking care of your campaign needs. At EMC Advertising we do most of our shoots in house in our beautiful studio. We have an amazing crew that can create unique scripts, book talent, pre-plan all visual shoots and develop captivating ads. If you would like the comfort of knowing that all your commercial needs will be taken care of in a professional way that will generate more business, you can trust in EMC Adverting. Give us a call today!

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