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Increase Your Law Firms Trucking Accident Campaigns

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EMC Advertising knows that when semis or tractor-trailers collide with other automobiles it’s inevitable that the driver of the smaller vehicle bears the brunt of the damages and injuries sustained in the crash. The fact is that most semi drivers cannot see the smaller vehicles that are driving behind or even right alongside them. But is your firm really doing all it can to reach out to these victims? Are you advertising the facts to your potential clients the best way possible? At EMC, we strive to make sure your law firm is noticed. We will help your semi trucking accident campaigns bring results.

Here’s what we know about trucking accidents:

  • Large trucks are more likely to get into fatal, multi-car accidents than are smaller vehicles
  • 98% of the fatalities from trucking accidents are absorbed by the driver/passengers of the smaller vehicle
  • The majority of fatal truck accidents happen in rural areas, in the daytime, and on weekdays
  • Defects contribute to a large number of these accidents. Defective automobile equipment can include brakes, steering wheel, engine, tires, etc.

When’s the last time you looked at your law firm’s creative and made sure you are giving all the facts? Your potential clients need to be educated and know that your law firm will take care of them. You can trust EMC Advertising to deliver original and captivating television and digital ads that are sure to increase your case per call. Contact us today, and our knowledgeable staff will get to work on your firm’s advertising needs! Trust the experts in advertising, call EMC Advertising!

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