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Unforgettable Legal Content for Social Media

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How would you rate your law firm’s blog content or activity on Social Media? Is it a bit dry or perhaps lacking activity? You may want to give up on blogging and Social Media,  but EMC is here to help your firm create needed content into a fresh and intriguing format. Here are a few options your law firm could benefit from.

Slideshare. A simple but effect direction is using a Slideshare. More than 80% of Slideshare’s 70 million visitors come through a targeted search. Simply upload a presentation about your law firm or particular subject that is eye-catching and reflects your brand.

Slideboom. Similar to Slideshare, Slideboom is a Powerpoint presentation that can be embedded into your blog posts and website. It is a straight forward yet impactful format that can be easily shared with your audience on Social Media as well.

Prezi. A more interactive option is Prezi. This tool allows the designer to create and personalize visuals and stories. This will give your user a much more engaging experience whether shared as a blog itself, on your law firm website or on Social Media.

Powtoon. A creative video option is animation by Powtoon. Some subjects could be challenging when creating a real person video, so animation can help to get your message heard without needed explanation. This option could enhance your firm’s brand and make your subject more engaging.

Infographics. Designing colorful visuals that also has content properly formatted has a large effect on the reader. On average 80% of people on social media are more likely to read you contact in this format.

No matter what your firm is lacking, EMC is here to ensure that we can help. We have a knowledgeable and experienced staff that will deliver an increase to your firm’s success. Wither your firm is looking for new creative, a new designed website or keeping active on social media we can help. Don’t wait, call EMC Advertising today!

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