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Professional Code of Conduct & Ethics in Attorney Advertising

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Here’s a great question to ask your law firm, do you know your states requirements when it comes to advertising? EMC Advertising knows that complying with state bar advertising rules and regulations is an ethical obligation. This includes not just television advertising but billboards, websites, and even social media posts. Here are five ethical potential issues that a law firm can come across if not dealt with properly.

Knowing Your Disclaimers. Every state varies on its required disclaimers. Knowing your states disclaimer requirements is crucial. Not meeting these requirements could lead your ad to further air time delays or having your campaign pulled off the air. Make sure your firm and advertising agency knows these requirements well.

Promises Your Firm Can’t Keep. Just because a case was a tremendous success for one client, does not mean your next case will have the same outcome. Making guarantees that your firm can make a particular dollar amount on a case is misleading. This is why disclaimers are crucial.

No Misleading Claims. Never state false information even if it may be partially true. Most states require a certification that states true “specialty” areas of law not to mention honesty in case winnings, if testimonials are real or portrayed by a paid actor. Misleading your audience and or potential clients could lead your firm into troubled waters which are not beneficial to your law firm’s success.

Your Firm’s Online Posts Could Be Considered Advertising. Most firms have blogs and in several states you have to be careful what you include in these blogs. Such phrasing as “learn more” or including a link to your law firm’s webpage is considered to be a form of advertising. In this case, you must follow requirements by your state.

Be Clear On What Type Of Business You Are. If you’re more of a referral service than an actual attorney office you should make sure your business is clear about that. By not disclosing enough to your potential clients could lead you down a dangerous path depending on your states requirements. In some cases where businesses were not clear enough about who they are resulted in suspension in practice.

Being ethical is just part of the business in advertising but it is a crucial one. EMC Advertising puts effort into knowing and understanding each states requirements to insure that our clients do not run into any bumps. We want your law firm to be as successful as it can. By avoiding such ethical issues not only gives our clients peace of mind but will ensure that there will be successful campaigns. Give Executive Marketing Consultants a call today to discuss your upcoming campaigns in television, radio, billboards or any other advertising needs!


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