Your Firms Checklist for Successful Television Commercials

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EMC knows that great numbers in television advertising are a crucial tool to have in your firm’s marketing strategy.

Attorney advertising on television is still going strong. The New Year has already begun and for some firms, it may be time to invest in a successful television ad. EMC Advertising has created a quick checklist for attorneys when venturing into the world of TV commercials.

Invest In TV Production

It’s time to freshen your firm’s message. Choose a company that executes top-quality production to include great sound quality, stimulating visual elements, and top-notch editing.

Make Your Commercials Stand Out

Try something new. Instead of general information about your firm engage with your audience. Be more personal, include testimonials, or include a spokesperson. Showcase what makes your firm different.

Don’t Ask For Everything

Try to avoid measuring by the traditional aspects of big or small cases. Instead, use your message to ask for the types of cases your firm successfully handles. Doing so will bring more referrals.

Know Your Market

Your message should relate to those in your desired market. Get to know your audience and make sure your content is relevant to them.

Partner With The Experts

The television landscape can be a complicated terrain. Don’t overwhelm your firm with the worry of dealing with television account executives; employ experts that can assist your firm in becoming more successful without the worry.

According to the Trial Lawyer Marketing report prepared for the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, legal advertising has grown six times faster from 2008 to 2014 than all other ad spendings. Not to mention that it has doubled its share of local spot advertising and grown 68% over the past 8 years. EMC knows that with such a great increase in numbers that television advertising is a crucial tool to have in your firm’s marketing strategy. Luckily our agency is all in-house. We do not stop at just creating top-quality television ads but we have a knowledgeable media department that will strategically place your ads and track them to ensure your firm gets the best results. If your firm is looking to increase its success, give EMC Advertising a call today!


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