Why Social Media Actually Works for Attorneys

Social media icons displayed on phone screen.
Our team at EMC is knowledgeable on the ins and outs of utilizing social media to increase your firm’s success.

Like it or not, social media is a large business marketing tool that if used strategically can bring your firm great success. Social media needs to be a strategic element of your firm’s overall digital marketing plan. This is still uncharted territory for many lawyers and EMC Advertising has compiled 5 of many examples to what social media brings to your law firm’s marketing success.

Increase Your Customer Service

Not only can your clients leave a review on such social media networks as Facebook or LinkedIn but here they can ask questions or give suggestions. This will then allow your firm to interact with your past, current, or future clients. It reflects that your customer service is available not only by phone and email but on social networks as well.

Create Meaningful Relationships

Having a presence in media outlets allows your firm to be interactive with its audience. By interacting with your viewers your firm is able to be more personal. Such ways to show your relationships is by commenting on a good review or posting a personal shout-out to someone in the community.

Affordable Way to Increase Brand Awareness

Having an active page on most social networks is free. A simple word of mouth from having your followers like, comment, or share your posts is a great way to get your firm’s page into nonfollowers’ feeds. There are a few affordable ways to increase your brand awareness and let others know your firm is out there such as posting ads to targeted media feeds.

Gain Market Share

Actively using your social media accounts helps your page show up in feeds more frequently and with that comes audience interactions such as an individual sharing your firm’s posts.

Boosts Your SEO

If people are looking at your social media page they are likely looking your firm up on google or visiting your website. By engaging with your audience you are helping to improve your SEO.

The above information is just scratching the surface to the impact that social media has on your law firm’s digital marketing success. There are multiple media outlets that your firm can benefit from. Our team at EMC is knowledgeable on the ins and outs of utilizing social media to increase your firm’s success. No matter if your law firm is already on social media or hasn’t even started, we can help. Give EMC a call today!


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