Reinvent Your Law Firm in 2017

By EMCAdvertising | December 30, 2016

We can provide you with edge-cutting websites and commercials that are sure to make an impression on your targeted audience. The New Year is almost here and there is no time like the present than to plan on 2017 to be the year of change and reinvent your law firm. Let’s start with your marketing

The Do’s & Don’ts of Direct Mail Marketing

By EMCAdvertising | December 19, 2016

Taking the direct mail approach can be very effective if you properly examine and execute your campaign. Another beneficial marketing tool is running a direct mail campaign. Even though the digital marketing world has grown immensely, there are people who still prefer receiving physical information. If you’re going to use direct mail in your marketing

How to Create a Memorable Billboard Design

By EMCAdvertising | December 15, 2016

Even with the growth of online marketing, billboards are not extinct. As long as people continue driving on public roads or highways, billboards will always be a valuable marketing tool. In our ever-growing digital and technology-filled world, the billboard still proves to be a valuable and viable marketing tool.  It represents a physical marker that

How Your Law Firm Can Market During the Holidays

By EMCAdvertising | December 13, 2016

If you are looking to send company holiday cards, magnets or an email greeting you can trust EMC Advertising to create and execute the best quality. Don’t wait, call us today! The holidays are a time to give thanks and send warm wishes. What better time than to send your current, past, or future clients a simple,

Top 5 Essentials for Effective Law Firm TV Commercials

By EMCAdvertising | December 9, 2016

At EMC Advertising we do most of our shoots in-house in our beautiful studio. We have an amazing crew that can create unique scripts, book talent, pre-plan all visual shoots and develops captivating ads. Today’s networks allow just about anyone to be able to skip commercials or fast-forward through them. This makes it incredibly difficult

FAQ’s When Hiring a Marketing Agency

By EMCAdvertising | December 6, 2016

When hiring a marketing agency the above questions can help you to determine what agency is right for your firm. The New Year is right around the corner, and what better time than to re-examine your firm’s goals and re-evaluate your strategy and budgets. Part of this venture is your marketing. Maybe you’re thinking about

Top 5 Ways to Create the Best Email Campaigns

By EMCAdvertising | December 1, 2016

With more and more emails flooding inboxes, what’s the best way to stay in front of the masses? How do you ensure your email campaign is being viewed? Email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways of reaching prospective and existing clients. With more and more emails flooding inboxes, what’s the best way

The Best Ad’s Attract the Best Clients. That’s why you need EMC Advertising.

By EMCAdvertising | November 30, 2016

Our creative ads range from Auto Accidents, Mass Tort, Personal Injury, Nursing Homes, and much more. Let’s start with a few simple questions about your law firm’s advertising results: Are you satisfied with your client intake? Are you doing all that you can to hit your desired demographic? Is your law firm marketing helping you

EMC Has Launched Yet Another Successful Website!

By EMCAdvertising | November 28, 2016

EMC has proudly launched the new website of Gary S. Logsdon & Associates. First impressions are very important. Your website can make or break that potential new client contacting you for your services.  Websites need to be mobile-friendly, have a user-friendly interface, and have clear and concise information that’s easy to find. Having correctly placed

Top 5 Lead Generation Tips for 2017

By EMCAdvertising | November 17, 2016

If your firm is looking for more calls, more clients, and more cases, let EMC Advertising help you! At EMC Advertising, we specialize in helping law firms increase their cases and client base. Put simply, we help our law firm clients leverage the internet to increase more sales, more calls, and more leads.  While there