Broadcast or Cable Advertising? Which is Right for Your Law Firm?

By EMCAdvertising | March 10, 2017

EMC Advertising has broken down the benefits and disadvantages of both broadcast and cable advertising to help determine which route will suit your law firm’s marketing needs. Research has shown that television advertising continues to have high volumes of success. For attorneys, TV advertising is a great way to expose your brand to a mass

How to Prepare for Your Law Firm’s Production Shoot

By EMCAdvertising | March 6, 2017

Having a cleaned and pressed suit not only makes you look good on set but makes you feel good. It’s not every day that you go to film sets and shoot your commercials and even so it’s good to be prepared for your law firm’s upcoming production shoot. After all, this is the first impression

5 Musts When Developing Your Online Presence

By EMCAdvertising | March 3, 2017

Without an online presence, your website will foresee no traffic and could put a damper in your overall potential client intake. Having an online presence is just one of the many key factors in your firm’s marketing strategy. Without an online presence, your website will foresee no traffic and could put a damper in your

The Basics: Increase Traffic To Your Law Firms Website

By EMCAdvertising | March 2, 2017

EMC Advertising has listed a few basic tips when trying to increase your flow of traffic to your website. Improving your firm’s search engine ranking and Internet presence can leave most stumped on where to even start. Our agency, EMC Advertising, has listed a few basic tips when trying to increase the flow of traffic

Your Firms Checklist for Successful Television Commercials

By EMCAdvertising | February 28, 2017

EMC knows that great numbers in television advertising are a crucial tool to have in your firm’s marketing strategy. Attorney advertising on television is still going strong. The New Year has already begun and for some firms, it may be time to invest in a successful television ad. EMC Advertising has created a quick checklist

Professional Code of Conduct & Ethics in Attorney Advertising

By EMCAdvertising | February 21, 2017

Being ethical is just part of the business in advertising but it is a crucial one. EMC Advertising puts effort into knowing and understanding the requirements of each state to ensure that our clients do not run into any bumps. Here’s a great question to ask your law firm, do you know your state’s requirements

Increase Your Law Firms Trucking Accident Campaigns

By EMCAdvertising | February 16, 2017

EMC strives to make sure your law firm is noticed. We will help your semi trucking accident campaigns bring results. EMC Advertising knows that when semis or tractor-trailers collide with other automobiles it’s inevitable that the driver of the smaller vehicle bears the brunt of the damages and injuries sustained in the crash. The fact

Unforgettable Legal Content for Social Media

By EMCAdvertising | February 15, 2017

Whether your firm is looking for new creative, a newly designed website, or keeping active on social media we can help. Don’t wait, call EMC Advertising today! How would you rate your law firm’s blog legal content or activity on Social Media? Is it a bit dry or perhaps lacking activity? You may want to

Reinvent Your Law Firm

By EMCAdvertising | February 8, 2017

Give Your Website a New Look. By updating your website with a fresh and user-friendly new layout or template it will surely attract people’s attention. The New Year is here and there is no time like the present then to plan on 2017 being the year of change and reinventing your law firm. Let’s start with

Why Social Media Actually Works for Attorneys

By EMCAdvertising | February 6, 2017

Our team at EMC is knowledgeable on the ins and outs of utilizing social media to increase your firm’s success. Like it or not, social media is a large business marketing tool that if used strategically can bring your firm great success. Social media needs to be a strategic element of your firm’s overall digital