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According to The Nielsen Company, there were approximately 120 million TV homes in America between 2015 and 2016. Needless to say, with such a high volume of television owners, it would be a poor decision to not market on television. Having a 15 or 30 second ad running helps your potential client know your firm is out there and helps to promote your brand. At EMC we have had the pleasure of creating original and creative advertisements that work for our clients in their desired markets. Here is how EMC will help your television campaigns bring success to your law firm.

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The sole purpose to having a website is to have your user stay and explore your brand. You want for them to be engaged and gain knowledge of your firm which could eventually convert into a client. But if your website is lacking luster, chances are that user will not become a new client. Making a website is like making a sandwich; if the ingredients are lacking, you’re likely to lose a client. Here are EMC’s special ingredients to creating a great legal website.

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Sending a text message is something that most people favor over a placing a phone call or sending an email because it’s fast and easy. Well, Google will finally launch a “text message” feature in AdWords among the many other options available to advertisers. So the question is… “How could this new feature impact your law firms PPC”? First, let’s discuss what this feature has to offer.

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The New Year is almost here and there is no time like the present than to plan on 2017 to be the year of change and reinvent your law firm. Let’s start with your marketing strategies. EMC Advertising knows what it takes to stand out and generate calls. Here are a few tips on how to achieve a successful new year.

  • Give Your Website a New Look – By updating your website with a fresh and user friendly new layout it will surely attract people’s attention. An appealing color scheme, a well written bio and an informative practice area page can make a difference.
  • Create a New Logo – Change is not always bad. Sometimes creating an updated look for your law firm’s logo can help capture your audiences’ attention. An eye catching logo makes a statement for your law firm.
  • Stay Connected – Just about every person has some sort of a social media account. Staying active on such accounts as Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn can make a tremendous difference. People like to be interactive and want to know the latest news about your law firm. Social media is ranked high on the list of how people search for the latest news.
  • Update Your Commercials – We’ve all experienced that one commercial that has been the same for years and we tend to just think of it as white noise. Don’t get caught up in not updating your commercials. If you want more clients, you need to captivate them. Having new creative on the screen is sure to keep your audience engaged and will lead to new prospects.
  • Know Your Audience – Above all, knowing who you are marketing too is crucial to your success. You should know what market best benefits the audience you are trying to get the attention of. Without this knowledge you could lead your firm into a dark abyss.

Looking back on 2016 is there anything you would have done differently? Do you wish you would have chosen a different path? At EMC Advertising we can help to make 2017 a year of success for your law firm. We can provide you with edge cutting websites and commercials that are sure to make an impression on your targeted audience. We can also provide you with reports of your campaigns to ensure you that they are getting the attention they deserve. Choose Executive Marketing Consultants this New Year. Call us today!


Email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways of reaching prospective and existing clients. With more and more emails flooding inboxes, what’s the best way to stay in front of the masses? How do you ensure your email campaign is being viewed?  Here are EMC’s top five (5) ways to create the best email campaigns for your current and potential new clients. Read more…