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Today’s networks allow just about anyone to be able to skip commercials or fast-forward through them. This makes it incredibly difficult to catch the viewers’ attention. But that doesn’t mean TV should no longer be a part of your marketing campaign. It simply means that your firm should be looking more strategically on how to stand out among the vast sea of other commercials.

Here are EMC Advertising’s top five (5) essentials to ensuring your law firm has effective TV commercials.

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The New Year is right around the corner, and what better time than to re-examine your firms goals and re-evaluate your strategy and budgets. Part of this venture is your marketing. Maybe you’re thinking about multiplying your marketing efforts by hiring an agency? Or maybe you’re not completely satisfied with your current marketing firm. In order to find your perfect match EMC has provided the top Frequently Asked Questions when hiring a marketing company.

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Email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways of reaching prospective and existing clients. With more and more emails flooding inboxes, what’s the best way to stay in front of the masses? How do you ensure your email campaign is being viewed?  Here are EMC’s top five (5) ways to create the best email campaigns for your current and potential new clients. Read more…


Let’s start with a few simple questions about your law firms advertising results:

  • Are you satisfied with your client intake?
  • Are you doing all that you can to hit your desired demographic?
  • Is your law firm marketing helping you attract the best clients?

If you answered “No” to any of the above here are some tips to make sure you are attracting the best clients.

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First impressions are very important. Your website can make or break that potential new client contacting you for your services.  Websites need to be mobile friendly, have a user friendly interface and have clear and concise information that’s easy to find. Having a correctly placed call-to-actions, or contact forms is also crucial.

EMC has proudly launched the new website of Gary S. Logsdon & Associates. Using our knowledge of law firm marketing with our technology focus, Gary’s website is sure to impress. Read more…


At EMC Advertising, we specialize in helping law firms increase their cases and client base. Put simply, we help our law firm clients leverage the internet to increase more sales, more calls and more leads.  While there are millions of tips and techniques for online marketing, here are our top (5) five.


  • Keyword Research. Always start with your research. You need to know where your clients are searching, what they are searching for, and the phrases and keywords they use most often. Google Keyword Planner is a free online source where you can get certain information on keywords, such as how many searches they have per month, as well as suggested keywords which may be relevant to your law firm. We recommend compiling a list of 10-20 relevant keywords with decent search volumes to start.


  • Optimization. To really target a keyword or phrase, you need a relevant page on your website where that keyword is implemented frequently. This may seem like common sense, yet it is possibly the most important step in a law firm lead generation campaign. There is, however, more to it than just simply adding keywords. By adding too many of the same keywords, it will actually harm your rankings. To get this right, you should keep a close eye on your ‘keyword density’ (i.e. the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page). And it’s not just about putting in keywords and hoping that Google picks them up – ultimately you need to providing useful, valuable legal and practical information for your readers and, generally, the more content you can introduce in to your web pages the better. We recommend 600 – 1000 words per page.


  • Internal Link Building. Once you have optimized your website with relevant keywords, it’s important to start building links. Doing this will both help the user and search engines like Google find the most important pages on your website. You can accomplish this by manually linking keywords on each page. However, depending on the size of your website, it might be easier to have some help.


  • External Link Building.  Next, you should start gaining external links by reaching out to other influential sites and ask them to link to your website. This sounds easy, however it can prove to be difficult and time consuming. Online directories, like Avvo, or linking your website to your bar association is a great way to start.


  • Website Speed.  Website speed is important for both your users and SEO. A faster loading website will increase interaction with your potential new clients, leading to a lower bounce rate, and in return a better SEO ranking. Before attempting this, you should access your website’s speed. Google has a great speed tool. Just analyze your website, and Google will help you with the rest.


If you follow our top 5 steps, you should see an improvement in your rankings. Just remember these tips are nearly scratching the surface on getting and maintaining those leads. If your firm is looking for more calls, more clients, and more cases, let EMC Advertising help you! We have affordable monthly packages for almost any budget. Contact us today!

seo-ppc-consultant-featured-imageOver the past 25 years of being in the industry of law firm marketing, EMC has seen many attorneys who have tried to handle their own SEO and PPC campaigns. While EMC understands that paying someone to manage those SEO and PPC campaigns can be an added expense, your chances of failing are scientifically higher. This is the same reason why many people choose to hire a lawyer – they know the law. The same should be said with your SEO / PPC marketing consultant. Read more…

v-dayIt has been 3 years since my husband was honorably discharged from the United States Army. Though 3 years have passed, I can still remember the feel of his ACU’s, shopping at the PX, getting the news of 24 hour staff duty and the endless amounts of equipment packed into his rucksack. Sometimes I have moments when I feel as if I am still in the military world and that eventually he will get called for duty but thankfully he made the decision to come home forever.

As many other Americans, I have a loved one who has served. My husband, Zachary Hayes, first joined the United Sates Army in 2007 at the age of 19. He served over 6 years as a Fire Support Specialist (13F), ending his military career as a sergeant in 2013. Over the course of those 6 plus years he has accomplished many strides to include getting his airborne wings, being top of his class in the JFO Course and being top of his class during WLC. I have had the honor of attending each of his promotions starting from private first class to sergeant.

In 2010, Zach was called for duty to serve one year in Iraq. Up until this point we had been very fortunate to have not been called up. But that’s the thing with being enlisted; you never know when your time will come. I always try to imagine what it was like for my husband to be on the other side of the world not knowing what tomorrow will bring. The fear he experienced and the loneliness he must have felt. How does one get through not just one day but 365 days of this? He once described his tour as being like the movie “Ground Hog Day”. He had the same rotation every day. He’d see the same faces, the same open desert, the same CHU’s (housing units-pronounced “chews”) and eat the same food at the chow hall. Read more…


Social media has changed the way we communicate, research, and ask for advice. It helps everyone connect on a more personal level, and now social media is more increasingly relevant in the attorney / client relationship.

For some lawyers, especially litigators, social media is a tool that helps them provide better representation to their clients. Whether it’s mining social media for evidence or researching jurors online, social media is helping them to make their clients’ cases in court.

If your firm does not have an online presence, it’s not too late to get in the game. EMC Advertising has over a decade of experience getting law firms found online, using our expertise in the digital marketing realm. Read more…

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Trouble finding time to properly market your law firm? Hindered by having to constantly research the latest and greatest internet trends? Time can be one of the most important assets for any attorney or law firm office manager. Knowing how to manage daily marketing needs while serving clients, maintaining continuing education, managing administrative responsibilities and meeting billable hourly requirements can often be overwhelming. But have no fear, EMC is here!

Growing a successful practice is not just about completing a few marketing strategies on a to-do list. But rather, it is a way of doing business. Read more…